When our company was founded, we had the basic goal of making it cheaper and easier than ever for business owners to process credit card payments. Over the years, the technology has changed, and our service has adjusted to match the growing needs in the industry. We know that technology plays a major role in commerce and business, which is why we are working hard to be sure that our customers have access to the best solutions in the merchant processing industry.

Expanding Our Focus

We are excited to announce that we’ve been working to expand our focus so that we aren’t limited to payment processing only. As different payment types have entered the market, we wanted to be sure that our customers had access to all of these options. Expanding these solutions makes it easy for business owners to use new payment methods without the need to change the point of sale system over and over again.

So, we are now rebranding and sharing our excitement about the future in the industry. VeriPay is more committed than ever to provide unbeatable customer service and the best solutions to assist with your payment processing.

Looking to the Future

We are proud of the brand that was built under the NMS Processing name. More importantly, we are excited to see what the future holds in store for our new VeriPay brand. We know that our reputation exceeds the brand name and logo that has been used for so many years.

Our commitment to excellence will remain, with a strong focus on security, trust, and ease in the services that we provide. In fact, this rebranding effort is a signal that shows our commitment in the industry. We want to prepare your company for the future by offering the best payment technologies. Our team will continue to work hard to maintain the long-term relationships that have already been built with our customers.

From this point forward, we plan to use VeriPay as the name of our company. We invite you to move to the future with our experienced team, knowing that we are dedicated to providing the best technology for our customers.