There are as many reasons for using credit cards to make purchases as there are credit cards in the world.


Here are many of the reasons:

  • Convenience – Credit cards are easier than cash. With a single swipe, you can pay for hundreds of dollars worth of items. There isn’t a lot of cash to count out or a check to write.

  • Security – Cash is much easier to get away with than a credit card. With the federal and state protections that exist, you can count on not having to pay for any charges the are not yours.

  • Rewards – Paying cash or check will only get you what you buy. With a credit card you can get miles, points, or even cash back. This makes the purchase itself seem less expensive and more fun. This is especially true for those things that you need and would have paid for anyway. If you are going to rack up 25,000 miles in a year paying your bills, it can make paying them much nicer.

  • Conformity – There is something very old-fashioned about standing in a line writing out a check to pay for things. In fact, most stores don’t even keep the check. They scan it and hand it back. That means it’s running like credit or debit card. A credit card seems much cooler.

  • Automated -Credit cards let you pay for things like movie rentals and sodas at kiosks where there isn’t a person. This can increase the number of things that you can get at any hour of the day or night.

  • Tracking – A credit card can make it much easier to keep track of where your money has gone. In fact, many credit cards even break out expenses for you based on where you bought things. If you make purchases at a home improvement store, it’s easier to declare it on your taxes.

Any business, retail, wholesale, or online, that is not accepting credit cards is likely losing customers. Some customers will actually leave a business that doesn’t take cards.

Don’t lose business to save a few pennies. Get a good credit card processing company and make a lot more $$$$!