Are you looking for a merchant service provider to handle the credit card transactions in your company? It is better to work with a smaller merchant services company for several reasons:

Reason #1: Personal Relationships

When it is a smaller company, then they will get to know you. With a larger company, you might fall into the shuffle as just a merchant ID number. Smaller merchant processing companies will know your business type, and they will be able to underwrite you correctly. Also, they will take the time to understand your business to ensure that your account is set up the right way from the beginning.

Interchange management is huge, so it is important that you are set up the correct way, using the right SIC and MCC codes. They will also help to set up the credit card terminal, the point of sale system, or virtual terminal to minimize problems in the future. These steps help you to have the lowest rate and fee for every transaction that you accept.

These details are harder to work through if you are filling out a blank application and setting up the system without a personal touch from an experienced provider.

Reason #2: Dedicated Sales Rep

There is a huge benefit to working with a smaller company where you will have a dedicated sales rep. Instead of navigating a call center phone network every time you need help, you will have a direct phone number to someone who will be familiar with your account and business.

Small business owners love the benefits of calling in for help and already having a relationship established with the person they will be talking to. These conversations can be helpful for underwriting, risk and other small adjustments to the account.

Talk to the Leading Provider in the Area

If you want to enjoy the benefits of working with a small merchant services provider, then I invite you to contact me today. I am always available by phone or email to answer your questions and help with your credit card processing.