If you are looking for a simple way to save cards on file and customer data, then SimpleSwipe is a great solution that might make sense for your payment processing system. This technology is designed with the goal of speeding up the checkout process for one-time payments, as well as scheduled payments and recurring payments.

Highlights of SimpleSwipe

What should you expect if you choose SimpleSwipe for your business? Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy management of customer information
  • Add customers at the point of sale or from the web dashboard
  • Simplify ongoing payments with recurring or installment payment options
  • Gain better insights into your customer’s spending habits by reviewing past and upcoming transactions
  • View reports for scheduled payments
  • One cloud-based platform for all of the payment processing systems that are needed

Small details are included in the system, helping to streamline every step when you are accepting credit card payments. For example, you can choose to always save customer information when completing a transaction, with customer approval on the agreement page.

Is SimpleSwipe Right for You?

This technology is a great fit for businesses who fit any of these categories:

  • Cardholders Aren’t Present: If you are a service provider that completes the work when the cardholder isn’t present, then this system can be used to collect payment. Examples include pool maintenance and cleaning, landscaping services, housekeeping services, and more.
  • Installment Payment Options: When you offer payment plans, then you need a system to track the payments that are due. Examples include home contractors, medical offices, dentists, home security providers, and more.
  • Back-Office Billing or MOTO Businesses: There are many times when this payment system can be useful for business-to-business services. Examples include tax preparation services, attorneys, bookkeeping and accounting, goods delivery, and more.
  • Frequent Customer Visits: Do you have customers who return to purchase over and over again? Save their information for a faster checkout. Examples include personal training services, massage, pet grooming, childcare, dry cleaners, and more.

Our team is working hard to provide the best payment processing solutions for your business requirements. We invite you to talk to us today to see if SimpleSwipe is the right solution. We are always here to answer your questions!