Is your company following all of the right steps to maintain PCI compliance? It often feels like there are never-ending compliance details that need to be met for all aspects of your business. But, it is important that you put the systems in place to avoid problems in the future. Here are a few easy tips that provide practical steps for PCI compliance for your business:

Maintain a Secure Network

Your WiFi and internet network needs to be a closed, secured network. You will be processing payments through this network, which means that the information should always be protected behind a firewall. Maintain a private router and keep your payment processing system on a network that is separate from the WiFi that is provided for guests.

Don’t Store Sensitive Data

If it isn’t necessary to store sensitive data, then don’t use automatic features to save this information. If you need to store paperwork or documentation, then make sure that everything is kept under lock and key.

Security for Mobile Card Readers

Do you use a mobile card reader for your business? Portable terminals are great for tradeshows or off-site services because you can collect payment from any location. But, this system needs to use encryption and cardholder data acceptance needs to be secured. Also, keep your point of sale system, card reader, and other equipment locked away and out of reach if it isn’t in use.

Why PCI Compliance?

Keep in mind that you can be charged extra monthly fees if you don’t meet PCI compliance requirements. These steps to keep your customer data secure not only reduces the risk of information theft, but they also help you save money.

Personalized Recommendations for Your Business

If you accept credit card payments, then it can be helpful to get personalized recommendations for your business. Most of the guidelines are the same for every industry. But, an experienced payment processing team can provide solutions for the systems that will work best for your company.

If you have questions about PCI compliance or you need a new merchant services account, we are always here to help. Call anytime to learn about the services that are available.