November and December are the biggest months of the year for businesses in the retail industries. If you are gearing up for large sales volumes and many transactions, then it is essential that you have a good payment processing system in place. You can have a warehouse full of inventory and still run into problems if you can’t accept the credit card transactions. Most customers use plastic when they are shopping, and you need to be sure that you have a merchant services account to handle these payments.

Anticipating the Volume and Number of Transactions

Keep in mind that there are times when credit card processing rates can change depending on the volume that you are processing each month. If you are seeing increasing trends in sales, both in the number of transactions and the size of the transactions, then you need to make sure that you have the right merchant account to optimize your fee structure.

Choosing a concierge merchant services account, such as the services offered here at VeriPay, means that you can get on the phone at any time with someone who knows your history and anticipated sales volumes. Our team is working hard to offer a personalized approach for every customer. So, you should never hesitate to get on the phone with your account manager to determine the right payment processing solutions for your business.

Functioning Terminals and Registers

Also, do a few test runs to make sure that the cash registers and terminals are working as needed. If you haven’t used some of the equipment in a while, then you might run into technical problems when pulling it out of the storage closet. Have this equipment up and running before the day of the sale. You might need to download software updates or switch out the equipment if you are using old technology.

A little bit of preparation is essential so that you are ready for the spending that happens during the holiday season. For more information about improving your credit card processing system, contact our team at VeriPay. We’re here to help with anything that you need!