Not only will a quality credit card processing system ensure security for your business. But the right Point of Sale (POS) system is essential in enduring loyalty with your customers. In the past, POS systems were designed to accept payments through a standalone terminal. Now, technology makes it possible for POS systems to do much more for the benefit of your business and customers.

Here are a few features that can be built into your POS system that helps with customer loyalty:

  1. Multiple Forms of Payment: Every customer has their preferences about the type of payment that is used for the transaction. Make sure that your POS system can use multiple forms of payment to accommodate the needs and preferences of everyone who walks through the door.
  2. Gift Cards: Offering gift card options can be a great way to bring people back to the store again in the future. These cards can be used as gifts, which could potentially bring in new customers. Plus, it is common for customers to spend more than the value of the gift card in the transaction.
  3. Track Customer Information: You can use the POS system to track basic information about the preferences of your customers. For example, choose a POS system that can integrate with your CRM so that you can see buying histories and customer preferences.
  4. Automation: Automating the processes makes it easier for customers and the business. This automation will save you time and reduce the headache experienced by customers when they are shopping with your company.
  5. Loyalty Programs: Do you want to reward your customers for maintaining loyalty to your company? Set up a rewards program that is integrated into your POS system. For example, your customers might receive a certain amount in store credits when spending thresholds are reached.

If you are evaluating your options for an upgraded POS system, then our team is here to assist. Talk to us about the solutions that are available to improve the credit card processing solutions for your company.