The credit card industry has shifted to using cards with EMV chips in recent years, as a way to improve security and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Is your company using a credit card processing system that utilizes the full benefits of EMV security?

Why EMV is Essential

If your credit card processing system is outdated, then it is time to upgrade to a system that integrates EMV transactions. EMV chip cards not only protect the consumer, but they are helpful to minimize the risk for your company as well. This technology makes it difficult to create a counterfeit credit card.

An EMV terminal still accepts payments with magnetic strip cards. Typically, these machines offer the option to swipe the card or insert the chip in a slot at the bottom of the machine. Many of the latest terminals also accept digital payments through Google Wallet or Apple Pay. The convenience of an all-in-one system simplifies the transactions that are moving through your company while maximizing security at the same time.

Change in Transactions

The way credit card transactions occur at the point of sale has changed a little bit. For example, in the past, the customer would hand the card to the cashier so it could be swiped. Now, the card stays with the customer, and the cashier turns the terminal to face the customer. The card is inserted in the slot at the bottom so the transaction can process. If necessary, the terminal can also accept a PIN entry for debit card transactions.

As a business owner, you need to be sure you are staying current with the technology that supports the needs of your business and your customers. The best solution is to talk to an industry professional for recommendations about the payment processing systems that will match your needs.

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