Is your Point of Sale (POS) system vulnerable to cyber attacks? Scammers are working every angle that can be found to steal information and money. In the last few years, retailers have been the target of many of these scammers.

Since credit card information moves through POS systems, it makes sense that these cyber attacks are often focused on the terminals. This confidential financial information can be sold for top dollar on the dark marketplaces online, posing a threat to all consumers and businesses.

Reducing the Risk of a Cyber Attack

Just because you process credit card transactions, doesn’t mean that this financial information needs to be at risk. As a business owner, you should be proactive to reduce the chances that cyber criminals will break through your security barriers. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Layers of Defense: Don’t assume the security protocols that are in place. It is important that you add layers of defense to prevent unauthorized access or data download. Not only do you need a digital security system in place, but it is also important to utilize alerts so that you are aware of the situation if anything happens.
  2. Reputable Providers: Using a reputable credit card processing company helps to reduce the chances that your business will be victim to a cyber attack. Not only do you need a trusted merchant services provider, but you also need to leverage the services of computer security software, security cameras in your business, and more.
  3. Vulnerabilities to Attacks: Consider implementing a security audit to determine if your sensitive data is at risk. This proactive approach will help you identify any potential holes that need to be fixed, helping you avoid problems in the future.

Our team understands the importance of protecting your sensitive financial information. We are working hard to provide quality, secure services for your credit card transactions. For more information about protecting your financial information, you are welcome to contact us any time. We’re here to help!